I am proud to say that I have been there! It was a really great experience; I have never had such a great ride so far in my life! The organization was perfect in all aspects; one could feel that it was conducted by real pros!

I am grateful to all members of the team for their warm welcome, friendly atmosphere. Special thanks to Arpi – not just for the high quality of his organizational work but for all the good advice. Thanks to his advice, after Zabljak I managed to keep up with the slower riding group and not be more than 10 minutes behind. And thanks to Sanyi as well, for his careful guiding of the tour and for looking back quite often to make sure I am hanging in there at the end of the line!

It was a wonderful experience! I have been on a motorcycle tour with my friends for several times in this region, and still this recent tour had in store for me plenty new sights, beautiful landscapes, to me unknown till now, a route offering a superior riding experience, great atmosphere and not least, perfect organization. The two tour guides professionally reconciled the needs of those who are into sport motorcycling with the needs of those who like to marvel at the beauty of the scenery and are more relaxed in riding. They managed to do all of this without dividing the group for a long time. There was plenty of time to socialize, chat, and share jokes too. Even the calm (old gentlemanly-style) motorcycle riding, as shown to our delight by Papa at the end of the tour fitted easily into it. Thanks to Papa for letting me ride along with him! The tour had a peculiar touch of colourful personalities, like our cruiser riding Russian friend, bringing a joyful feeling whenever he appeared at the rest stops; or the clean style of Laci; Father Nicholas’s good mood as well as the great performance by the Goldwings. Everything was perfect the way it was! I can highly recommend it to everyone!

Adventures in Istra, September 2015: professional tour-guiding, high quality accommodation and meals, the tour guide handled the unexpected situations very well (route change due to very strong wind, roads closed due to village festivity etc.), amazingly breath-taking stops (including Motovun, Tuscany look-alike town), it can only be recommended.

S-M-C motorcycle tour –between 30th September and 4th October, 2015.

We have completed wonderful five days, having ridden more than 1700 kilometres. We started from Serbia, riding through Montenegro all the way to Croatia and all this passing through beautiful scenery and fantastic roads. The organization was excellent, as well as the tour guiding, and the company was brilliant. I got to meet really great people. It has been my third tour with you but not the last one! A big thank you for everything!

It has been excellent; I have had a great time! The organization, the accommodation, the meals were all right. Though I need to get used to the taste of squid: D I liked very much the fact that there were two groups: the fast one and the faster one. We really had a great pace of riding. Both of the tour guides did a great job managing the group. It was great to meet old biker friends as well as to meet new ones. May I only suggest to both of the tour guides: BUY a KTM 1190! 😀 If I have time next year, I will ride with you again! It would be such a pity to miss these wonderful experiences from our lives.

Excellent organization, adventurous roads; it has been excellent!

It has been a superb tour, not wishing to repeat what the others have already said before me, but the organization, the tour guidance and the fellow bikers were all first class! This has been my second time I participated in MotoAvantura tours, but I must say it won’t be the last!

Professional organization! It was wonderful!


I can highly recommend Arpi’s (MotoAvantura) tour. He has helped me a great deal with his experience, knowledge of the local terrain. Just imagine! What a great help it is to have a tour guide who speaks the local language fluently, and is very familiar with the area! The price is reasonable (breakfast, dinner), and for all this service, the price ISN’T high.
Bikeman – Zoli

Professional organization, unforgettable riding experience. I recommend MotoAvantura tours to everyone.
Simon A.

It has been a very well-organized tour. I hope I’ll be riding with you for many more times. I can recommend MotoAvantura tours to everyone. I have already been to Montenegro with them. I believe Vara A. will be their regular customer. Thanks Timi&Árpi