This category lists those motorcycle tours which consist of routes, attractions, cities which all bikers must try out, see and experience once in a life time. You can be sure that taking part in MotoAvantura Classic tours will provide you with the usual quality of a classic motorcycle tour and that you will experience everything that is a part of a motorcycle tour.

BEST OF tours

Have you ever been in a situation that you would like to go somewhere but are not sure what is worth seeing there, which roads are the best, which are the most winding ones. The MotoAvantura BEST OF motorcycle tours are to overcome your doubts and offer you the best of everything. You can be sure that you will ride along the best, most exciting routes of the given region, through scenery you’ve only seen in pictures and that you will have an unforgettable experience.


Do you like discovering new places? Are you interested in new destinations? Than this is YOUR category! Our tours leading to a new destination for the first time are listed into the Explore category! This does not mean that we have no experience with the given region, on the contrary! Our experienced tour guides will introduce you to each region’s mystery worth exploring; we promise you will have lasting memories on this motorcycle experience of a lifetime. Let the adventure start!


This category lists unusual motorcycle tours. For example, our winter snowmobile adventure tour is listed here, just as the driving training tours or those motorcycle tours which are organized for visiting biker meetings. So in this category you might not need to use your bike at all.