Here you can take a look at a brief summary of our history divided into years dating from the beginning – from the idea to the present day. For every year, we highlighted the most important moments, the milestones.


The idea of making an Internet web site arises, a site where motorcycle tour reports could be published and thus help those who wish to find new destinations, routes and accommodation along the way. The same year, our web address MOTOAVANTURA (www.motoavantura.com)   has been registered in Serbia, and it is still being used to this day. MOTOAVANTURA is a word in Serbian, meaning “a motorcycle tour – a motorcycle adventure”.


During a motorcycle tour in the Balkans, we come up with the idea that instead of writing a blog about motorcycle tours, we should take MotoAvantura in the direction of organizing motorcycle tours. Namely, the idea was to guide domestic bikers (Serbia) towards Western Europe, to countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Germany etc. and the foreign bikers (Hungarian, Austrian, German, British) in the direction of the Balkans.


During a motorcycle tour to Western Europe, the overall concept is designed and set up, so by the end of the year, our first motorcycle tours for the season 2011. are announced.


MotoAvantura officially kicks off. In May, our first motorcycle tour is organized through Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia, which we named S-B-C Classic. It has been one of our most popular tours ever since. Later this year tours were organized successfully to Montenegro and the Dolomites as well. We have moved our headquarters to Palić (near Subotica, Serbia).


Our decision to engage in motorcycle -tour organizing, managing and tour guiding proved to be a good one. This year we are rolling with plenty of new motorcyclist, as well as many motorcyclist who have come back to ride with us. Our tour calendar gets enriched with new routes, such as Switzerland and Tuscany.


At the beginning of the year, we conquer the most beautiful province of southern Spain – Andalusia. Bikers honour us with their trust; not only those from abroad but domestic (Serbian) ones as well choose us for their motorcycle adventures. Later this year among all other tours, we successfully conquer the Alps (Route des Grandes Alpes). At the end of the year “The Bikers’ Ball” is held for the first time. It is a season-ending event, supported by MotoAvantura, organized for the first time in Horgos.


This year is outstanding in every aspect! We have made many partnerships. On local grounds (Serbia) the motorcycle magazine MOTORI MOTORI has become our partner, where our motorcycle-tour reports, blogs, bike tests are regularly published. In Hungary, we have made a partnership with the Moto24.hu  team, who provide bikes for rental for our customers. This year two new touring programmes have been introduced into our tour calendar: Sicily and Corsica-Sardinia, which were a whole success.


Thanks to our satisfied motorcyclists, many new bikers have joined us, together with our faithful regular ones. Plenty of new and diverse routes have been introduced into our tour calendar, for most of which there has been an outstanding interest (the Balkans, Tirol, the Dolomites, the Alps Relax tour, Montenegro, Transylvania). This year has been a major milestone for us. Together with our partner Moto24.hu , we have taken part in preparations for the World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides (World’s Greatest Motorcycle Rides) -The Balkans adventure programme. So we appeared in one of the episodes together with Henry Cole and his team.

And the story continues…