Romania is a country located in Central Europe. It borders the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia and Moldova. Its capital and largest city is Bucharest.

The Carpathian mountain ranges dominate almost all of the country, the highest peaks reaching 2500 m. The tallest peak is the Moldoveanu Peak (2544 m), in the Făgărăş Mountains. Romania’s largest river is the Danube, flowing through a total of more than 1000 km long section in the country. The Danube builds a huge, three-pronged delta and reaches the Black Sea. The largest lake is the artificial Békási water reservoir.

Romania’s main attractions are its unique natural beauties. The mountainous regions are covered with vast forests, and roads and rivers meander in its deep canyons. Mystical atmosphere lakes (e.g. the famous Lacul Roșu), beautiful stalactite caves and glacial lakes make the exciting landscape even more breathtaking. Ancient carved temples are hidden in the depths of valleys, with bells chiming in a deep, sonorous voice that fills the space. High walls protect the monasteries on the hilltops, while quietly hiding in the woods are wild animals not very often found anywhere else on earth.


The western part of the country has a humid continental climate, whereas over the Carpathians and in the basins the climate is dry continental. There are frequent droughts in the inlands. The climate of the Carpathian Mountains varies according to the height.

The best time to visit

The best time for a motorcycle tour to Romania is the period between May and late September. However, the best-known mountain roads of Southern Carpathians, the Transfăgărăşan and the Trans-Alpine roads are usually open in early July and it is not uncommon to find them closed again in early September due to heavy snowfall.

Roads and Riding

Romania has a very mixed quality of road network. Nowadays, it can freely be said that the quality of the main roads is good, whereas we should drive carefully along the side roads, because they could surprise us.

Tours which concern Romania:


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Capital city: Bucharest
Official language: Romanian
National currency: Romanian leu (RON)
Climate: Continental
Time zone: Eastern Eruepean Time (GMT +2)
Visa, documents: Tourists from most countries (EU, USA, etc) do not need visa. A valid passport is required only.
Electricity: 220 V / 50 Hz