Here you can see the people who to make sure your only job at a motorcycle tour is to enjoy the ride and the wonderful scenery. There might be some of them you will see often and some you will meet rarely or never. There are also our colleagues who step in when needed but they are not shown here.



DUTIES: Office management, booking, keeping in touch with domestic and international partners, making sure tours are organized well and run smoothly

POST: Managing Director, Owner

Tímea is the person without whom “MotoAvantura” could hardly exist! She keeps in touch with the domestic and foreign partners, books accommodation, makes sure the tours run smoothly. She is the heart and soul of the company. You might not meet her very often, but if you leave satisfied with a tour, that is in a greater part to be thanked to her! She unfortunately does not ride a motorcycle, but she appears as a passenger of the tour guides on some of the tours.



DUTIES: tour guide, route ideas for motorcycle tours, assistance in arranging the tours

POST:  tour guide, consultant

As a representative tour guide and leader, he takes part in running a tour. In addition to this, he is the person whose pieces of advice and route ideas help create our motorcycle tour calendar every year. Also, he is in charge of the IT at MotoAvantura. He has been riding a motorcycle since he was 14, has travelled widely across Europe. You can be sure that if he leads a tour, an outstanding programme filled with excellent biking experience and wonderful sights awaits you.



DUTIES: tour guide, the maintenance and servicing of our bikes

POST: tour guide

As a representative tour guide and leader, he takes part in running a tour. Apart from leading a tour by himself, he is also an assistant tour guide on tours with a large number of participants. He has also travelled widely in Europe. He has a very serious motor sport history and even tours with us on his sport motorcycle. Riding a Yamaha R1he once made it all the way to Barcelona for the sake of the MotoGP race. Whether he is your individual or assistant tour guide, you can be sure that you will be in good hands!